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"Ranger Joe" Cypher, President/founder of Ranger Marketing Airborne Ranger Motorsports Team, is the world's first disabled Monster Jam® truck driver, and darn proud of it. Airborne Ranger is named for the famous division of the U.S. Army Airborne Rangers. The Monster Jam truck, and the racing team is dedicated to all U.S. Army Airborne Rangers, "past, present, and future. Rangers lead the way!" Ranger Cypher and Airborne Ranger have competed against and defeated top Monster Jam trucks across the nation racing in Monster Jam events.

Cypher remembers going against Grave Digger® in the final round of a Monster Jam event, " I didn't beat him, but just going into the final round with him is big time!" Airborne Ranger is the first hand controlled Monster Jam truck, allowing "Ranger Joe" to drive the Monster Jam truck with only his hands. (Joe is a L-1, L-2 paraplegic). Joe became paralyzed after he was in a terrible car accident. Joe is now able to walk with the help of braces, despite all the doctors telling him he would never walk again. "Ranger Joe" has never given up easily.